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Green Crowned The Earth’s Champion

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RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – Johnny Green is the new champion for the planet Earth.  Over Memorial Day weekend, Green won a 16-person tournament held just outside of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to unify the North American Championship, South American Championship, EurAsian Championship, Australian Championship and African Championship.

In addition to the title holders putting their belts on the line, other top contenders were invited to this prestigious environmentally friendly tournament.

The tournament was held on raw undeveloped land in the mountains without cell service or modern amenities.  This earth-friendly event was so green it kept away most of the world’s reporters, environmentalists and eco-enthusiasts.

Furthermore, smart phone were not allowed at the event as a symbolic gesture to keep the earth’s carbon footprint down.  Recent studies show by 2040, smartphones will be polluter number one to the environment and the earth.

“Only the true champions for the Earth competed in this one-of-a-kind event,” event organizer Chuck Carbondale said.  “It was like nothing I have ever experienced. Everyone who participated brought really brought it. They all truly care about the Earth.”

In the finals North America’s Johnny Green defeated EurAsia’s Fauna Jangsu in a unanimous decision.

“I am just spreading the message and honoring the Earth because that’s what champions do” Green said.

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